Rahama sadau phone number

Rahama sadau phone number

Rahama Sadau Phone Number

Rahama Sadau is an actress, businesswoman, filmmaker, dancer and singer. Born and raised in Kaduna, she performed in dancing competitions as a child and during her school years. She rose to fame in late 2013 after joining the Kannywood movie Industry with her first movie Gani ga Wane.

Her first role was as Binti Jara in “The Last Princess” which starred Sanaa Khatib and Hakeem Kaei in the lead roles. Her other major cinema credits include “How We Live Now”, “If You Are The One”, “Dramatica” and “Baale”.
She also appeared in Nigerian Tv shows including “Fashion TV” and “Gani Ga Wane”. She has made documentaries such as “Dancing With The Stars” (TV series) which premiered on 26th October 2013. She is currently working on her second movie titled Watanboye (The Two).

Popular Nigerian Actress Rahama Sadau is so rich that every one is looking for her phone number to say hi or bill him.

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Rahama Sadau phone Number

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Recently, Rahama Sadau, popularly known as president of Malians took to her social media handle to disclose her real phone number and WhatsApp number.

How to get Rahama Sadau Phone Number?


For those of you who wish to have a one on one discussion with rahama sadau over the phone or via WhatsApp. I believe ther is the greatest opportunity to achieve that, as ther phone number he dropped few days ago is still intact. As a matter of fact I called him to confirm if truly he is the one, and it happens to be very real.

Let me tell you something, nothing good comes easy. And reaching out to popular celebrities is not that easy, because a lot of people are calling them on daily basis for one assistant or another.

If you want to get Rahama Sadau’s attention when you call her, just note that you have to be specific and well mannered. The manner you approach him with matters alot” and you must have something tangible to discuss with her.

How To Get Rahama Sadau Active Phone Contact?


No worries, I will provide her phone number and WhatsApp number here and now. But before that, let me tell you something, if you fall in the category of people asking for urgent 10k, 5k, or 2k. Please don’t bother calling or chatting rahama sadau, he dowdoes have time for such people.

Some of you will pick up a celebrity phone number here, just to call and tell him or her to help you with money. Or rather start listing their problems to him or him. Don’t you know that are human being too? They are have problems to solve with money and family to take care of? Are a matter of fact, if you call and request for money they may block your number instantly.

What I’m saying is that, you should have something reasonable in mind before contacting Rahama Sadau, now here is her phone number below.

Here is Rahama Sadau Phone Number


Ther is the current rahama sadau Phone Number, and it’s going through the last time I called her. 081605334xx

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Here is Rahama Sadau WhatsApp Contact


To chat with Rahama Sadau on WhatsApp, kindly use the phone number below; please have it in mind that he doesn’t accept WhatsApp call. Text and wait for reply okay? Cool.

Rahama sadau Early Life and Career

Rahama sadau phone number
In 2012, she was nominated for Best Female Actor for her performance in the movie Nwo Entertainment.
She made her film debut through the movie Gani ga Wane which was released on January 10th 2014.
The film was directed by Teshiroga Aliyu of Fidi Productions with script written by Angelique Chebrawa of Fidi Productions.
After that, she starred opposite David Etim in Nwo Entertainment (2014) which was released on November 8th 2014.
For this film she received the nomination for Best Actress at the Nigerian Academy Awards 2015 (NAIA) held on March 4th 2015 where she lost to Felicia Okimolola who won the award for Best Actress at NAIA 2015. It was also nominated for Best Picture at NAIA 2016 held on March 5th 2016 but it lost to ‘Some Guys our Lady Do’.
She has since starred alongside actor/director/producer David Etim in The Second Half (2015) which was produced by Godfrey Okediran and directed by Alvin Ogoju; and Bad Girl (2016), which was produced by Godfrey Okediran and directed by Alvin Ogoju;



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