Mtn free browsing Vpn : Enjoy free 500mb every day

Mtn free browsing Vpn, Enjoy free 500mb every day


Today I am here with another mtn free browsing VPN, This is a daily 500MB given to primary, secondary and tertiary students using MTN network to access some government E-learning or educational websites. Huh! But nothing to worry about, you too can enjoy this offer whether you are in school or not. And you can in fact, power all apps with the free data. Just continue reading to see how it’s done.


How to activate the free 500mb data?

To activate this 500MB e-learning data, you don’t have to subscribe to any bundle to get it. Just make sure you have a little bit data like 2mb, then download the app here.


Requirements For This Mtn Free Browsing Vpn

  • Android device
  • Registered MTN SIM
  • 3G or 4G network
  • EC tunnel pro app – download app here

Once you download the mtn free browsing VPN  check the below images to see how to configure the app.

Mtn free browsing vpn

On the button 1 which is the server list, click on it and tap on NG|MTN E-LEARNIG 500M DATA.

Then the button 2 which is tweak list, click on it and tap on NG|MTN E-LEARNIG 500MB DAILY.

While on the button 3 click on it and select 80, then boom tap on the start button and start surfing net.

How to accumulate the mtn free 500mb data

For the accumulation of data after using up the initial 500mb for the day, you just have to change your phone date, either backwards or forward, reboot your phone and connect back. It will connect and 500MB will be given to you again the same day after using up the first MB.



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