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Biography of Minal Ahmad

Minal Ahmad is a lovely upcoming Kannywood actress who has been in the film Izzar So, which is now the most popular film in the country.

Amina Jibril Ahmad is the actress’s true name. She was born in Kano state and attended both basic and secondary schools there before continuing her studies at a postsecondary institution.


Minal Ahmad got her start in the Kannywood industry after finishing her education, and she starred in Ahmad Lawan’s film Izzar So.


Profile, Tribe, and Real Name of Minal Ahmad

Minal ahmad phone number

Amina Jibril Ahmad’s full name is Amina Jibril Ahmad.

24 years of age

Kano State is where he was born.

1997 is my year of birth.

Acting/Modeling is my profession.

Muslim is his religion.

Hausa/Fulani tribe

Status of Relationship: Single


Films/Movies by Minal Ahmad


So, Izzar

Masoya Duniyar

Masoya Bugun Zuciyar

So, Igiyar

Daka Tsayin

Gari Adon

Ladidi na Ladidi na Ladidi


Wata Farin

Danja Gidan

Kasa Zagon


Minal Ahmad’s Age and Birthday

Minal Ahmad, a stunning actress, was born in 1997. In the year 2021, she will be 24 years old.


Minal Ahmad Phone number

minal ahmad number not yet available but we will update this post once its ready

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