Lawan Ahmad phone number, biography, Wife and Net worth

Lawan Ahmad phone number: biography, Wife and Net worth. We Received a lot of Messages and request about Lawan ahmad phone number, WhatsApp number and some are also asking about Lawan ahmad wife.

So in this article I have posted all what you have requested above, just find a place and sit as you will enjoy reading this article. Because you have finally come to the right place where you can get Lawan ahmad phone number.

Before we get to the phone number section let me start by giving you his biography

Lawan Ahmad biography

Lawan Yahaya Ahmad is a Kannywood actor, producer, and director better known by his stage name Lawan Ahmad Izzar So.

Lawan Ahmad phone number, biography, Wife and Net worth

He was born in Bakori, a small town in Katsina State’s Katsina State. Lawan went to Bakori’s Nadabo Primary School before transferring to Government Day Secondary School to finish his SSCE.

After graduating from secondary school, he continued his study at the Federal College Of Education in Kano State, Nigeria.

After completing his education, Lawan entered the Kannywood industry in 1999. SIRADI was his first picture, in which he starred with some of the top performers in the industry.

Thanks to his remarkable performance in Izzar So, Lawan Ahmad has established himself as one of Kannywood’s most well-known actors.

How to get Lawan ahmad Phone number?

For those of you who would like to speak with Lawan ahmad one-on-one over the phone or via WhatsApp. I believe now is the best chance to do so, as the phone number he gave me a few days ago is still active. In fact, I called him to ensure that he is the one, and it turned out to be quite true.

Let me tell you something: nothing worthwhile happens by accident. And getting in touch with famous people is difficult because so many people phone them on a regular basis for one reason or another.

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If you want to grab Lawan ahmad’s attention when you call him, just remember to be particular and kind. The way you approach him matters a lot,” and you need to have something concrete to talk about with him.

Lawan ahmad Real Phone Number

Don’t worry, I’ll give you his phone number and WhatsApp number right away. But first, if you’re one of those people who needs a 10k, 5k, or 2k in a hurry, let me tell you something. Please don’t phone or message Lawan ahmad; he doesn’t have time for such individuals.

Some of you will look for a celebrity’s phone number and call him or her to ask for financial assistance. Alternatively, they can begin to list their problems to him or her. Aren’t you aware that they are also human being? They have money issues to deal with and a family to look after? In fact, if you call and ask for money, they may immediately block your phone number.

That is to say, before contacting Lawan you should have a reasonable goal in mind.

Here is Real Lawan ahmad Phone number

This is lawan ahmad current phone number, which was active the last time I phoned him. 09023708483 or 09095669955

Lawan ahmad WhatsApp number

Please use the phone number below to contact Lawan ahmad on WhatsApp; keep in mind that he does not accept WhatsApp calls. Is it okay if u text and then wait for a response? Cool.


Now that you’ve seen Lawan ahmad phone number and WhatsApp contact information. I hope you’re happy. To unlock the whole phone number, please share it on social media, and it will be sent to your email.

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