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Izzar so 77 Bakori TV: I know that you are here looking for izzar so 77, izzar so episode 77 or Izzar so episode 77 original Bakori TV.


Izzar so 77 bakori TV

The Izzar So 77 is a long-running Hausa series film that is watched by people as shown on the page of actor Lawal Ahmed called Umar Hashim in the show.



Izzar so wants to introduce new faces who also have the title of this film this range izzar so episode 77.

There is a hot streak between the uterus of the big girl Hajiya nafisa and the uterus of Sara and the youngest of the uterus hajara.




The program is very impressive and amazing which impresses the viewers.

Izzar so episode 77

In this section I will like to show you how you can watch and also download izzar so episode 77 to your phone easily.



To download the episode 77 of Izzar so follow this linkhttps://zamgist.com.ng



Who is the founder of izzar so?

The founder of izzar so series film is Lawan ahmad popularly known as Umar Hashim in the film. He is an indigine of bakori local government in katsina state.

Who is the director of izzar so?

Nura Mustapha Waye, Is the director of the most watch Hausa series film titled “Izzar so”. Nura Mustapha is a young and intelligent person who become popular in the Kannywood industry.

How many subscribers does Bakori Tv channel get?

Bakori TV has about 787,000 + Subscribers as of today 11 February, 2022. You can also check the current subscribers number by Clicking here

Who are the Actors of izzar so and their names?

Below is a list of some popular actors in the izzar so series film.






How many episode will be covered in the izzar so series?

60 episodes as arranged before, but after reaching the 60 episodes the producer continue with the program due to request from the viewers for the continuation of the series.

How can I watch Izzar so 77?

You can watch the latest episode of izzar so by following this link –

How to download Izzar so 77?

We observed that some of you find it difficult in downloading izzar so. Then our blog make it easier for you by providing you download version of the film also. Check our website every day for you to be able to download the latest series every sunday by 8:00pm.

Izzar so Review

Here are some review from many blogs about the izzar so 77

Izzar so film series is one of the most popular hausa film in west Africa and some part of east Africa.

Hello everyone here is izzar so 76 you can now watch it and download it as mp4. Izzar so is a hausa Nigerian movie which has many fans across Africa and world at total.

Izzar so 76 is now available on YouTube and you can download it via vidmate.

How to download izzar so via vidmate ? We will post tutorial on how to download any YouTube video with vidmate.

Also we will post a tutorial on how to download Facebook videos. Izzar so stared Lawan Ahmad, Aisha Najamu, Ali Nuhu, Meenal da dai sauran su.

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Thank you for watching this episode 56 next week izzar so episode 77 will be out inshaallah.

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Izzar so75 is a Bakori TV production with over 1 millions of viewers every Sundays. izzar so 61 bakori tv is the most trended series of the time, Is one of the popular Hausa series on Youtube streaming platform.

The season is of 60 Episode and it cast the popular Kannywood Actor Lawan Ahmad, Ali nuhu, Aisha Najamu, Minal Ahmad, Ali Dawayya and others. Subscribe for just (N100) monthly to have access to our previous and future Episode izzar 76.

previous and future Episode izzar 76.


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The story of Izzarso continue to be the On top of the Africa Music Industry, are selected African Languages mainly Hausa, Ga, English and Akan. And now the West African Music Industry is dominated with Local African Languages, and a blend of English, French and Arabic. izzar so episode

Izzar so episode 77

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