Fati washa: Biography, Instagram, Phone number and Photos

Fati washa: Biography, Instagram, Phone number and Photos
Fati washa, also known by her stage name Fati washa, is a Nigerian actress who has been acting in various Yoruba movie productions since the early 2000s. In addition to acting, she is also pursuing a successful modeling career where she has appeared on several fashion magazines and has been very active on social media.
Washa made her acting debut in “Kuyi” directed by Femi Adomowo and produced by Dangote Films. She played the character Obinna Inyangaye (a female version of Obinna), which critics praised for showing “beautiful skin” and being “very real to life”. However, some criticized her portrayal for being slutty and having an overwhelming sexual nature. The character’s name however was changed to Oyinkanlola Ojeniba (a male version for Obinna) before production started so that it would not be confused with another popular Yoruba TV series named Oyinkanlola.


The same year, Washa also won the Best Actress Award at the Nigerian Movie Academy Awards ceremony where she was nominated under her stage name of Fati Wasah. 2017 saw her win an award at Africa Film Festival Award Ceremony where she received an award along with Nollywood’s top stars while promoting their latest movie “Hindi Ato Hana”.


In 2018, Washa revealed that plans were underway to release her first feature film titled “I’m Not God”. She described it as a love story set against Nigeria’s culture and history but noted that it will not be based on any religious text or artifact but rather based on true-life stories from real people from Nigeria’s history who have experienced poverty, corruption and inequality but have turned it into strength through perseverance and determination through their faith in God.


The film stars Tonto Dikehima alongside Nollywood’s top stars including Simi Agbaje, Edeen Ubah, Jide Idris among others, which are going to be produced by Dangote Film Productions, who released its first movie called “White

Biography of Fati Wash

Fati Washa is a Nigerian actress and model. She is known for her roles in the Kannywood films, including “Shower”, “The Beauty Queen” and “Nwoye”. She has appeared in music videos such as “I am not a star”, “Tasarwa” and “Yea, Yea”. Washa was born in Kano, Nigeria. In 2013, she began dating King Faisal of Saudi Arabia.
In 2014, she was named one of the Most Beautiful Women in Africa by Ebony magazine.


Her breakthrough as an actress in Kannywood film industry


Fati is an award winning Nigerian film actress, she is one of the young actresses in Kannywood. She is considered as one of the most desirable actresses that carved a niche for in Kannywood film industry.
She was born on 11th August, 1995 in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria to her father Jude Washa and her mother Adebayo Olanna who is of Igbo descent.
She started acting since she was five years old when she appeared in a play named “Aiko” at the Oyo State Government Junior College where Kano was her school. From there Fati rose to prominence by appearing in the movie “Hubba Byung” (2016).
Fati started acting as a teenager after winning an award show at the Osun-Olawole International Theatre Festival for a play titled “Aiko”. Fati’s success has led to her being dubbed as one of the most sought-after young actresses and stars in Kannywood, who has garnered attention from international media.
In 2016 Fati won an award at the Osun-Olawole International Theatre Festival for her role portrayed by a woman character named Aiko. The performance earned her a nomination from BBC Africa’s Best Young Actor Award for 2016 and she won another nomination from BBC African Film Awards 2017 for Best Young Actor/Actress.
Her role as Maimuna in “Kanyawood Movies” won an Nollywood Movie Award as Most Promising Actress 2018
Fati’s career began with two further breakthrough roles; she appeared alongside Ayeza Khan (“Hubba Byung”) at the Osun-Olawole International Theatre Festival 2014 where she performed alongside other prominent actors like Tonto Dikeh and Adetayo Adeleke among others, while still being only 15 years old and was invited back to perform again in 2015 with other celebrities like Bisi Alimi (“Aiko”), Akinwandeze (“The Great Game”) and Oscar Damilola (“Hubba Byung”) among others.
She continues to be invited back every year and has been nominated for various awards including Nollywood Movie Awards 2018 for Most Promising Actress/actor In Nollywood 2018 along with several other nominations including BBC Africa Awards 2017 for Most Promising Actress(in Kannywood), BBC Africa Awards 2018 for Most Promising Actress(in Kannywood) And BBC Africa Awards 2017 & BBC Africa

The introduction of Tara Washa as a stage name in Kannywood film industry


She is one of the active and promising actresses in Kannywood film industry. Washa was born in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. She is a graduate from Abia State University.
As a child, she used to be an enthusiastic dancer, but later on found it not to be enjoying enough. Her interest in acting began at the age of five when she was given her first chance at a folk dance competition held by her school’s drama club. She had also participated in other activities as a child such as hunting, fishing and swimming.
She made her debut on-screen appearance in “The Mummy” movie which was produced by Teddy Okene, who directed it; “The Mummy Returns” with Alex Pettyfer and Nicole Kidman; “Kill Bill Vol 2” with Uma Thurman; and “Urban Empire” with Dunga Nwosu (Kenny). She has appeared in various television shows including TRL; BBC’s Young Chef: Africa; BBC’s Life Stories; BBC One series / The Great British Bake Off: Series 2 to 4; and BBC One series / The Apprentice Ghana 3rd Edition (Season 1).

The different roles she played in her career life

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The position of Fati Washa in Kannywood


It would be a sin if we didn’t know the name of Fatimah Fati Washa , at least in Kannywood. She has established herself as one of the most desirable actresses in the Nigerian film industry, with a range of successful roles to her credit. She is also known by other stage names such as Tara Washa
The market for Fati Washa was created when she made her way on screen in the movie “Konye Baba”. Her first screen appearance was in “Konye Baba”, which ran from 29 July 2016 to 19 August 2016.
Fati Washa is one of the young actresses that carved a niche for Kannywood film industry. She is also known by other stage names such as Tara Washa. She has established herself as one of the most desirable actresses in the Nigerian film industry, with a range of successful roles to her credit. She is also known by other stage names such as Tara Washa.


Fati washa instagram pictures

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Fati washa: Biography, Instagram, Phone number and Photos



Fati washa: Biography, Instagram, Phone number and Photos


Fati washa: Biography, Instagram, Phone number and Photos

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