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Definition of Public Service & Importance Of Public Service In Nigeria

In this article, you will read about the definition of public service, importance of public service in Nigeria and ways by which public service can be improved.

Let’s start by giving you the definition of public service.

Definition of Public Service

Public service is an organized body in which public servants serve to provide essential services for the welfare of citizens.

It is usually non-profit making oriented agency and consists of government employees in ministries, departments and parastatals etc.


Importance Of Public Service In Nigeria

The importance of public service in civic education are as follows:

  1. It advices in the formulation of policies of government.
  2. It represents government in meeting/conferences.
  3. It helps in documentation and record keeping.
  4. It helps in public enlightenment/education.
  5. It implements government policies.
  6. It creates employment opportunities.
  7. It conducts research for government business.
  8. It ensures continuity in governance.
  9. It collects Revenue for government.
  10. It provides essential services at cheaper rates.

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Ways by which public service can be improved

Below are some of the ways by which public service can be improved in Nigeria:

  1. Value re-orientation
  2. Training and re-training
  3. Political education
  4. Ombudsman/public complaint commission
  5. Freedom of information
  6. Inculcation of discipline in the public service
  7. Use of code of conduct bureau
  8. war against corruption in public places
  9. Exposure to in-service training.
  10. Use of merit in appointment and promotion.
  11. Improvement of workers’ condition of service.
  12. Stoppage of political interference in public service.
  13. Use of code of conduct bureau and other related agencies such as economic and financial crimes commission (efcc), independent corrupt practices and other related offences commission (icpc)
  14. Professionalization of public service.
  15. Establishment of public complaint commission (ombudsman)
  16. Strengthening of the public service commission in the performance of its functions and roles.
  17. Enhancement of productivity through improved reward system in public service.
  18. Ensuring job security and tenure of public servants.
  19. Demand for accountability to the public.
  20. Control of undue redtapism/bureaucracy/bottlenecks.

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