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About Aduniya

Aduniya is a series film which comes on Every Thursday at Zinariya Hausa TV YouTube Channel. The series movie is also among the top watch Hausa series movie on YouTube with about 600k views each week after the Izzar so series which has 1million view every week.


Who is Aduniya series producer (Tijjani Asase)

Tijjani Abdullahi Asase is a renowned Hausa filmmaker, producer of ‘A Duniya’ and starring in Kanabaro. Aduniya’ is a long-running film, which is rising especially among young people.

In an interview with Daily Trust, he said the film was made to show human selfishness.

Tijjani Asase biography

My name is Tijjani Abdullahi Asase better known as Damisa or Asase or Kanabaro in the movie A Duniya. If you call me Adahama you are not guilty, and I am from Kano.

I was born in Dandago, I attended primary school in Gwale Local Government Area, I started secondary school in Gwale, but I did not finish school because of the struggle for survival.

I met my master, Alhaji Ado Ahmed Gidan Dabino, growing up under him and making books for him.

Frequent Ask Questions

When did Tijjani asase Join Film industry?

It will take about 30 years.

How did tijjanj asase get into filmmaking?

My company, Alhaji Ado Ahmed Gidan Dabino, a book author opened the company in Unguwar Dandago.

Being a passionate person, I went to him and got a job composing books while I was working as a car conductor. So when he did the books we would come and do the book work at night.

From the moment they started making the film it was since we were under him we were the messengers, and then we were lighting up the lights. So with that being started, you see, we have learned the trade since we were little.

In the movie Aduniya, you appear as a criminal hero, you answer the name Kanavaro?

In Nigerian society, Northern Nigeria is said to be a Canavaro if one is a genius. Canavaro himself an Italian footballer.

That is, he scored a goal and came back to prevent a goal. So the name is derived from a criminal who lived in an area that is not for the faint of heart and who has a brain since his inception. then it will be possible.

What message does the film have on Aduniya?

The movie Aduniya is showing a deep sense of community, people will not let peace prevail, and if you watch the movie it is created on the basis of human ambition.

Every house is kept and the Prophet (pbuh) says that in the human body there is a muscle that if it is repaired the whole body is repaired if it is damaged the whole body is also damaged i.e. the heart.

If you look at Dan Mama’s house, there is a lot of bias in it. The police followed her son across the wall and she said he did not enter the house.

If you look at the house of Malam Wa-Katava he says that his son will not be touched, because of selfishness.

If you go back to the father himself the trip was touched by his brother established the fact that he does not believe in anything destiny out of selfishness.

Society is based on selfishness and selfishness is based on selfishness.

How did you get the nickname your kids are telling you in the movie ‘Inda Rabbana’ bawahala’ and why?

It’s just an ink. There are also ‘on so-so’ ‘one day-one day’. The word is released because it is a sweet word and should not be said to come from a fan. I do not follow people and ask them why the word is used but now it is being uttered everywhere.

It’s ‘so-and-so’ in the political arena, so don’t take anyone for granted until we take this and so on.

Of the films you have made, which one impresses you the most and why?

My favorite movie I am most proud of is the Ahlul-Kitab. The reason I like the film is because there are people who have converted to Islam and others have been converted to Islam and how we have found some writings by people who have converted to Islam.

What is your message to moviegoers around the world and other films you have made?

I am proud of them and I would like to ask them. If someone tells us something that you have done wrong, God willing, you will not see it again tomorrow.

But let us say in a statement that we can accept the correction you do not go to social media and say completely what we are doing is wrong.

Aduniya kashi Na 55

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