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7 Things To Do Before Jamb Registration Begins On Saturday 14th January

7 Things To Do Before Jamb Registration Begins On Saturday 14th January

7 Things To Do Before Jamb Registration Begins On Saturday 14th January: The 2023 UTME/DE form sales will begin on January 14th, 2023 and continue until February 14th, 2023.

To ensure a smooth registration process and success in the UTME, it is important for prospective candidates to familiarize themselves with the requirements and prepare in advance.

This article, will guide you on what you can do to prepare while waiting for the start of the form sales and registration.

1. Get your National Identification Number (NIN) Ready:

To ensure a smooth registration process for the UTME/DE, it is important to obtain your National Identification Number (NIN) as it may be a mandatory requirement.

If you do not have your NIN yet and plan to register for the UTME/DE, we recommend acquiring it as soon as possible.

2. Generate your JAMB profile code:

You will need to create a ten-digit JAMB registration profile code. To generate this code, you will need to send your NIN via a registered phone number to the provided shortcode.

To avoid delays and reduce stress, we recommend creating your profile code before registration begins.

Please follow these simple instructions to create your JAMB profile code by clicking here.

3. Know the course you like to study

Decide on the course you want to study before registration begins. This will give you time to think and make sure the course aligns with your passions and academic aptitude.

Remember to have alternative (2nd choice) courses in mind for a successful registration.

4. Know the school you intend to apply

Also, research the institution you plan to apply to ahead of time. Consider factors such as whether the school offers your desired course, admission requirements, fees, and personal preferences such as location.

Keep in mind that having options for other types of institutions, such as a polytechnic or college of education, can increase your chances of successful registration.

5. Know the Subject Combination for Your Course:

Many students make the mistake of choosing the wrong subject combination for their course.

To avoid this, use the JAMB Brochure to see the required subject combination for various courses before registration begins.

Remember that choosing the wrong combination can greatly affect your chances of gaining admission.

6. Ask for Guidance:

If you are confused and need guidance regarding the choice of course, school, UTME/O’level subject combination, etc.

7. Start Studying Now

Finally, start studying now and don’t just study hard, learn to study smart. Keep in mind that a good number of JAMB past questions are repeated every year.

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